Industrial High Pressure Leak Repair
We've been sealing leaks for over 30 years without a single recordable injury.

Our Remarkable Safety Record

Online leak repair is a dangerous business. The materials, pressures and situations involved are all hazardous so safety is a serious issue. SOS has never had a recordable injury, and we plan on keeping it that way.

We've had three decades to run into every possible leakage situation and figure safe fixes. The safety awards we've received — from the Minnesota Safety Council, the North Dakota Safety Council and the Energy Coalition for Contractor Safety, among others — are evidence of our serious commitment to on the job safety. And we belong to several professional organizations to hone our best-practice methods.

At SOS, training takes precedence. An important attribute of any new hire is mechanical ability — and a good measure of it is required, because any SOS crew member has to be ready to think outside the box to accommodate a possible faulty engineering design.

To minimize any possible jobsite hazards, we have a full time safety director.

We're proud of our 30 year history of safe and successful leak repairs.

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