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Industrial High Pressure Leak Repair
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The form below uses a modified Napier formula. Plug in your numbers to find out how much steam and money you're losing.

Orifice Size
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SOS Online Leak Sealing Services

Flange Leak Repair

  • Leaking, cracked, or broken flanges
  • Hub-weld leaks
  • Case joint leaks
  • Valve bonnet leaks
  • Leaks from rough, pitted OD's
  • Lap joint leaks
  • Flat face flange leaks
  • Leaking flanges of different diameter
  • Line, valve-end flange leaks
  • Leaks from flanges with smooth OD's

Weld and Thread Leak Repair

  • Threaded, socket weld leaks
  • Small stub-out, weldolet, valve end, union/coupling leaks
  • Pump, agitator, compressor leaks

Rotating Equipment Leak Repair

  • Drill and tap stud holes
  • Cap nut and slotted studs
  • Repacking shaft gland seals
  • Drill and tap at split joint

Killing and Sealing Valve Leak Repair

  • Gate valve kills
  • Plug valve kills
  • Ball valve kills
  • Globe valve kills

Pressure Seal Valve Bonnet Leak Repair

  • Drill and tap pressure seal rings
  • Specific repair methods and techniques depend on manufacturer's design

Valve Body Leak Repair

  • Partial valve enclosure
  • Total valve enclosure
  • Valve enclosure with auxiliary operator
  • Perimeter seal enclosure
  • Strongback clamps

Tower Tray Leak Repair

  • Chimney tray leaks
  • Valve tray leaks
  • Draw or trap tray leaks

Pipe Freezing & Rivet Repair

  • Piping and Fitting Leak Repair
  • Ell leaks - Screwed, welded, socket welded or seamless leaks
  • Tee leaks - Screwed, welded, socket welded or seamless leaks
  • Pipe leaks - Weld, pinhole, crack, or corrosion leaks
  • Union/coupling leaks

Expansion Joint Leak Repair

  • All bellows-type joint leaks
  • Any chicksan joint, dock, loading arm leak
  • Ball joint leaks
  • Telescoping, other manufactured joint leaks

Valve Seat Leak Repair

  • Ball valve drill and tap seat
  • Gate valve drill and tap seat
  • Plug valve drill and tap seat

Valve Packing Leak Repair

  • Repacking valve glands on-line
  • Repacking valves
  • Quadra-Seal Injection System
  • Replacing gland follower bolts

Heat Exchanger Leak Repair

  • Shell and tube exchanger leaks

Pressure Vessel Leak Repair

  • Column leaks
  • Tank leaks
  • Overturned tank car leaks

Heat exchanger shell leaks

  • Large diameter pipe leaks
  • Any pressure vessel leak

Furnace Leak Repair

  • Boiler roof, sidewall leaks
  • Foster-Wheeler reformer leaks
  • Leaks from any other manufactured reformer